The Festival

One of the highlights in my yearly calendar”

– Annabella Rodgerson


We love showcasing new writing talent. It’s one of the things that drives us to put together our wee festival every year. So what better way to celebrate new talent than to have a FREE TO ENTER ‘Future’ themed writing competition?!

NBF 2023 has a theme of ‘Future’ which entrants are encouraged to interpret however they choose in their short story.

There are 3 categories:

Adults – up to 1,000 words

Secondary Students – up to 500 words

Primary Students – up to 150 words

Prizes will be awarded for 1st, 2nd and 3rd places in each category, with all prize winners given the opportunity to either read or have their work read at a special event at NessBookFest 2023! (More prizes to be announced soon).

NBF 2023 Festival Announcement!

The NessBookFest team is delighted to announce the dates of Inverness’s unique book festival! Running from Thursday 28th September until Saturday 30th September 2023 and the theme for this year’s festival is ‘Future’. We are looking forward to announcing our programme later on in the year. Our pitching window is open until the 1st of April 2023, so if you have an event for us please get in touch now!


The inaugural NessBookFest took place in November 2016 and returned the following year with a taster day at Inverness Town House on 9th September, followed by the main festival in October 2017, with an extensive programme of performances by both local and visiting authors.

NessBookFest is organised and run by the community, for the community. As a matter of principle, our events are free to attend and held in accessible, central locations throughout the city, to encourage not only the regular book festival demographic to attend, but also to reach those who have never been to a book festival before. Our guest authors write in various genres for all age groups, collectively offering an appealing and diverse programme for audiences.

This festival, and our programme of year-round events, showcase the Inverness area as a creative centre, which produces a considerable amount of home-grown talent. We provide opportunities for local emerging authors to share a platform with well-established writers from further afield. Reflecting and celebrating the strong arts scene in Inverness and the Highlands, NessBookFest is of benefit to the whole community.

Our Aims are:

  • To run a no-barriers book festival in Inverness, being inclusive on all grounds such as: cost, social background, ability, age and ethnicity.
  • To develop and strengthen links with other organisations and community groups, thus increasing event outputs and impact.
  • To hold pop-up events throughout the year, providing more opportunities for the community to participate, as well as more widely publicising and creating interest for our main Festival in October

NessBookFest gratefully acknowledges support and funding from the following organisations:

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Contact us about any of our events, or about joining or supporting our organisation. We welcome all enquiries and endeavour to respond quickly.

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